Sermunition Sunday #27 -Marriage & Family w/Christ at Its Center 

Sermon Link:—Marriage–Family-wChrist-at-Its-Center-e1d1i3v

When the nation and its people are held captive by an oppressive, morally and spiritually bankrupt government and society, then Christians and their families must push as hard against the government and society as it pushes against them. That’s how a marriage and family with Christ at its center lives.

095: Midweek Debrief – A New Kind of War

Podcast Link:—A-New-Kind-of-War-e1csbfl

Though they did not know it at the time — the idea would have seemed preposterous — the sounding of “boots and saddle” that morning marked the beginning of the end of the Indian wars in America, of fully two hundred fifty years of bloody combat that had begun almost with the first landing of the first ship on the first fatal shore in Virginia. The final destruction of the last of the hostile tribes would not take place for a few more years. Time would be yet required to round them all up, or starve them out, or exterminate their sources of food, or run them to ground in shallow canyons, or kill them outright. – S. C. Gwynne, Empire of the Summer Moon

Sermunition Sunday #26 – You’ve Got A Target Painted On Your Back

Sermon Link:—Youve-Got-A-Target-Painted-On-Your-Back-e1cnh4l

In those moments, when you want to give up, and family and friends don’t show up for you, and you’re sure you don’t have the strength to get up again, you’re going to wish, you’re even going to pray, that you could be un-baptized. No more sin or Satan. No more wrestling with temptations. No more asking God, “Why have you abandoned me?”

Sermunition Sunday #25 – The Church Can Wait

Sermon Link:—The-Church-Can-Wait-e1ce4o4

The Church doesn’t need to search for the next, best, newest thing that will satisfy her until Jesus comes, because she is always given to by her Creator. She’s given time and patience. The gifts of salvation are given to her to quiet and calm her fears. She’s given life because her Savior speaks to her and serves her with absolute devotion.

Sermunition Sunday #23 – Christmas Morning Sermon

Sermon Link:—Christmas-Morning-Sermon-e1c5bgp

Santa Claus. Santa Claus is a nice enough idea. A white-bearded, old man comes from the sky to reward good little children, but withholds his gifts from the naughty ones. That’s Santa in a nutshell. That’s not God, but it does describe Santa Claus. But that’s how most people envision God. They imagine that he’s very much like Santa Claus. And like Santa, they also believe that God is a white-bearded, old man who comes from the sky to reward good people and punish the naughty ones. But, Jesus isn’t Santa Claus. Not even close.

Sermunition Sunday #22 – Christmas Eve Sermon

Sermon Link:—Christmas-Eve-Sermon-e1c4rpd

The story about Jesus’ birth, the true story, just wasn’t as nice as we make it out to be in children’s Christmas pageants. For example, in his Gospel, Luke gives a hint at the shame suffered by Joseph and Mary. He writes that there was “no room for them in the inn.” Now, despite the sweet-talking and all the hoop-jumping we go through to clean-up the story, the text doesn’t say there was no room. The text says there was no room for them. And this should cause us to do a little head-scratching.

092: Midweek Debrief – Waging War Against Pity

Podcast Link:—Waging-War-Against-Pity-e1boutb

Christianity is called the religion of pity. Pity stands opposed to the tonic emotions which heighten our vitality: it has a depressing effect. We are deprived of strength when we feel pity. That loss of strength which suffering as such inflicts on life is still further increased and multiplied by pity. Pity makes suffering contagious. – Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist

Sermunition Sunday #20 – Like Eagles Taking Flight

Sermon Link:—Like-Eagles-Taking-Flight-e1bk0eo

When your bones grow weak, Jesus still loves you. When the blood dries off your veins, Jesus still loves you. When your love slowly fades away from this earth and you are embraced by the dirt, Jesus still loves you. God’s love is more than father, mother, friend, or anyone else could love you, even more than you are able to love yourself… because God is love and his promises to you are unbreakable, even into eternal life.

091: Midweek Debrief – Receive Suffering As A Gift

Podcast Link:—Receive-Suffering-As-A-Gift-e1be83r

Solzhenitsyn’s audacious claim was that suffering had refined him, taught him to love. It was only there, out of the experience of intense suffering, that the prisoner began to understand the meaning of life and first began to sense the good inside himself.

*** Never eat chocolate covered espresso beans after drinking espresso, before recording a podcast – Donavon

Sermunition Sunday #19 – How Have We Done This?

Sermon Link:—How-Have-We-Done-This-e1b9efr

How many of you have become indifferent about God’s love because your expectations remain unmet? How often do you become disappointed and in your disappointment, break away from God’s love for you? Be honest. Don’t you do this whenever God doesn’t meet your expectations? Isn’t this your response when God doesn’t give you the answer you want when you want it? Don’t you stop caring about God’s love for you that’s demonstrated in Christ Jesus because you’re not seeing the good things he promises? 

090: The Eighth Jiu Jitsu Debrief – Check Your Ego, Stay Relaxed, Keep It Playful

Podcast Link:—Check-Your-Ego–Stay-Relaxed–Keep-It-Playful-e1b3sus

“I don’t call it humble as much as I call it a very clear definition as to what ego is. The more confident I have become, the more in control or aware I am of my ego. Because I am so well prepared for physical confrontation, my ego is less confrontational. I feel less of a need to prove myself. The ego is everywhere. It is a beautiful thing, but most people don’t talk about it enough to even understand it.” – Ryron Gracie

Sermunition Sunday #18 – What Would The Lord Have Us Do?

Sermon Link:—What-Would-The-Lord-Have-Us-Do-e1auguc

So listen now, before it’s too late. “Blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”

High Ground #2 – The Warrior Ethos and the Masculine Journey in the Lord of the Rings

Podcast Link:—The-Warrior-Ethos-and-the-Masculine-Journey-in-the-Lord-of-the-Rings-e1aq8b9

The warrior ethos in the Lord of the Rings is about cultivating virtuous masculinity. It helps develop men who can protect, provide and procreate with an ethical, moral and competent ideological, theological and sociological ethos. The toxic kind of masculinity being lamented today is often a caricature of the worst of masculinity, unmoored from it’s virtuous center. – Eric Blauer

089: Midweek Debrief – Organize Now, While You Can

Podcast Link:—Organize-Now–While-You-Can-e1ap106

*** Apologies. I was thinking about too many things at once and said this is the Banned Books Podcast, Midweek Debrief #89. I crossed the streams. If you’re here for The Warrior Priest Podcast, you followed the right link. Enjoy!

Komaromi agrees that we have to start somewhere in our rebellion against contemporary atomization. The individual standing alone against the machine will be crushed.

Sermunition Sunday #17 – Live Not by Lies, But Stand in The Truth

Sermon Link:—Live-Not-by-Lies–But-Stand-in-The-Truth-e1ak16v

You are not to allow someone else to violate your body or the body of another person. You will not allow someone to violate the body of those who are weak, needy, fatherless, poor, and oppressed. You will not allow someone to be bullied, attacked, and harmed in their body. You have a biblical mandate to steward God’s temple, your body. You have a command to steward the temple that God has given to other people too.

High Ground #1 – On The Tarantulas

Podcast Link:—On-The-Tarantulas-e1afpll

The tarantulas, of course, would have it otherwise. “What justice means to us is precisely that the world be filled with the storms of our revenge”—thus they speak to each other. “We shall wreak vengeance and abuse on all whose equals we are not”—thus do the tarantula-hearts vow. “And ‘will to equality’ shall henceforth be the name for virtue; and against all that has power we want to raise our clamor!”

You preachers of equality, the tyrannomania of impotence clamors thus out of you for equality: your most secret ambitions to be tyrants thus shroud themselves in words of virtue.  Aggrieved conceit, repressed envy—perhaps the conceit and envy of your fathers—erupt from you as a flame and as the frenzy of revenge.

Friedrich Nietzsche: On The Tarantulas

On The Tarantulas:

088: Midweek Debrief – Don’t Be Afraid to Be Weird in Society’s Eyes

Podcast Link:—Dont-Be-Afraid-to-Be-Weird-in-Societys-Eyes-e1ae51h

“[My father] believed that he was accountable before God, not before people. It didn’t matter to him when other people didn’t understand why the did the things he did. He acted in the sight of God. And you know, the Bible gave him strength because it is full of stories of the prophets and others going beyond the border of what was comprehensible or understandable to people, for the sake of obeying the Lord.” – Marketa Benda

Sermunition Sunday #16 – Resurrection, By Any Means Possible

Sermon Link :—Resurrection–By-Any-Means-Possible-e1a92o0

The apostle Paul writes that the goal of the Christian life is: “That by any means possible I may attain the resurrection from the dead.” That’s your goal. That’s your Christian life. The resurrection of the dead, BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE. Might that include taking certain earthly risks? Of course! Might that include giving up on temporary things so that you might be raised bodily from the dead? Of course!

Sermunition Sunday #15 – He’s Brought All of Heaven with Him

Sermon Link:—Hes-Brought-All-of-Heaven-with-Him-e19tdi7

But, for now, we hear the Lamb’s voice in His Word: “Take, and eat. Take, and drink.” He is here. He’s brought all of heaven with Him. All the angels and archangels, and all the company of heaven. Here, in the Lord’s Supper, is our heaven on earth. That’s because Jesus gives us access by his blood to Himself and to the Father who sits on the throne.

086: Midweek Debrief – Value Nothing More Than Truth

Podcast Link:—Value-Nothing-More-Than-Truth-e19nhm3

It is up to us today to take up the challenge, to live not by lies and to speak the truth that defeats evil. How do we do this in a society built on lies? By accepting a life outside the mainstream, courageously defending the truth, and being willing to endure the consequences. These challenges are daunting, but we are blessed with examples from saints who’ve gone before.

Vaclav Havel, The Power of the Powerless:

083: Midweek Debrief – Beware The Pink Police State

Podcast Link:—Beware-The-Pink-Police-State-e18o2bo

Today’s left-wing totalitarianism once again appeals to an internal hunger, specifically the hunger for a just society, one that vindicates and liberates the historical victims of oppression. It masquerades as kindness, demonizing dissenters and disfavored demographic groups to protect the feelings of “victims” in order to bring about “social justice.”

Live Not by Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents:

Sermunition Sunday #11 – A God of Life in This Deathly World

Sermon Link:—A-God-of-Life-in-This-Deathly-World-e18jgif

God created you to live together, in concrete, physical relationships, serving and sacrificing for the health and well-being of the person standing in front of you. God created you for communion. You’re created and planted in the world by God to produce good fruit not fairy gold. Whether you’re changing diapers, serving on the front line, harvesting wheat, responding to a car accident, or comforting a worried friend, that’s what God has chosen for you to do with the life He’s given to you and the lives he’s entrusted to you.

082: Midweek Debrief – You’re Not A King, You’re A Conqueror

Podcast Link:—Youre-Now-A-King–Youre-A-Conqueror-e18de2f

“You are not a king, my young friend. You are a conqueror.”

“Observe my kingdom,” Porus explained, “governed with wisdom and justice. The people prosper and are happy. The land flourishes and yields its bounty. Men are free to speak and to exercise their ambition.

Sermunition Sunday #10 – Evil Is Destined to Fail

Sermon Link:—Evil-Is-Destined-to-Fail-e188ov2

The forces of evil have Satan on their side. But, he only knows how to hate, threaten, and destroy what God creates. On our side, we have Jesus Christ, the Lord Almighty, the God of armies dressed for battle, who will crush the head of the ancient serpent. And, as the apostle writes, “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

Sermunition Sunday #9 – Forgiving Is A Radical Act of Worship

Sermon Link:—Forgiving-Is-A-Radical-Act-of-Worship-e17tvh9

Forgiveness releases to God what rightly belongs to him. Since God is “the Judge of all the earth who will do what is right,” releasing to God’s judgment the one who sinned against you places the offense in the purest context of judgment. Forgiving releases the grievance and the offender to God’s all-knowing perspective and to his justice and mercy. This honors Jesus by placing matters into His nail-pierced hands to uphold His judgment, as He chooses, in His time.

080: Midweek Debrief – Cowards Give Up An Undertaking Once Begun 

Podcast Link:—Cowards-Give-Up-An-Undertaking-Once-Begun-e17ogat

Siegfried’s Story:

“None but cowards give up an undertaking once begun,” answered Siegfried. “Go back to Rhineland yourself, if you are afraid; but you must go alone. You have brought me thus far to meet the dragon of the heath, to win the hoard of the swarthy elves, and to rid the world of a terrible evil. Before the setting of another sun, the deed which you have urged me to do will be done.”

078: Midweek Debrief – A Disaster of Ignorance

Podcast Link:—A-Disaster-of-Ignorance-e16panb

I don’t think we’ll get rid of schools anytime soon, certainly not in my lifetime, but if we’re going to change what is rapidly becoming a disaster of ignorance, we need to realize that the school institution “schools” very well, but it does not “educate” – that’s inherent in the design of the thing. It’s not the fault of bad teachers or too little money spent, it’s just impossible for education and schooling ever to be the same thing. – John Taylor Gatto

Why Schools Don’t Educate by John Taylor Gatto:

Sermunition Sunday #5 – God is with You in the Fight

Sermon Link:—God-is-with-You-in-the-Fight-e169vum

The enemies of God are not coming to invite you to a picnic. Instead, they are mustering for battle. They will not come unprepared to fight and win. They’re coming to take from you what God has given to you: your body, possessions, and life. They’re coming to attack Jesus’ faithfulness and love towards you. But you don’t have to be afraid. You don’t have to flee the battle. You have been dressed in the armor of God and handed the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God.

Sermunition Sunday #4 – The Battle is Already Won

Sermon Link:—The-Battle-is-Already-Won-e15v7mb

As God said to Israel in the days of King Jehoshaphat, and announces to you again today, “You will not need to fight in this battle. Stand firm, hold your position, and see the salvation of the Lord on your behalf… Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed… go out against them, and the Lord will be with you.”

074: Midweek Debrief – Born to Fight. Learn to Win. Live to Help.

Podcast Link:—Born-to-Fight–Learn-to-Win–Live-to-Help-e15fcb8

You must meditate, you must pray, you must be thankful, you must give. I think those things are very important spiritually for you to be at peace with yourself. Once you’ve tried to improve spiritually, physically, and mentally your are in a good way. – Rickson Gracie

Sermunition Sunday #3 – Resist Evil at All Times

Sermon Link:—Resist-Evil-at-All-Times-e15kqbg

When we refuse to make war against evil, to expose those who tempt believers, then the evil grows more and more monstrous. But, throwing aside fear, the faithful are bold to proclaim their faith in the face of opposition and affliction. Then, those who wage war against the Church have a hard time destroying the Spirit’s work.

Sermunition Sunday #2 – The Righteous Are Bold as Lions

Podcast Link:—The-Righteous-Are-Bold-as-Lions-e15apdc

Many churches today want to avoid the 800 pound gorilla in the room. They’re obedient to government and culture instead of Christ. They’re about works-righteousness instead of the Gospel. They’re obsessed with making the world a better place, even though that’s not the primary mission of the Church. Churches today are more worried about complying with the government and marching in step with culture than obeying God’s call for them to be conformed to the image of the Son.

073: Midweek Debrief – Will You Fight The Monster?

Podcast Link:—Will-You-Fight-The-Monster-e1556h0

Men of Athens, will you send your sons to contest the monster, Philip? Or have you grown so fat and happy that you care not, and instead dispatch hired troops, who are not of our blood or kin? Will these mercenaries, who fight only for profit, possess the will to hold Philip back? Or will the day come when we awake to discover that we have ceded future liberty to current ease? – Demosthenes

Sermunition Sunday #21 – Behold, The Lamb of God…

Sermon Link:—Behold–The-Lamb-of-God-e1bu8q7

Every sin of every sinner. No one’s sins are kept away from this Lamb who was slain but lives. And like John, you are witnesses. You are put on the stand to testify to your little corner of this world. You are witnesses to Jesus – proclaiming, preparing, focusing your preaching on pointing this dying, messed up, terrorized, sin-filled world to its Savior.

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