067: Midweek Debrief – A Fighter’s Fear, Like Feathers Stroking Your Face | How to Accept it

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One of a fighter’s greatest and most difficult tasks is dealing with fear. I always get nervous before fights and at the beginning of my fight career I rejected… – Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu

89: Chuck Palahniuk – The Middle Children of History

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“We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t. And we’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off.” ― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

063: Midweek Debrief – How Is Freedom Measured?

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How is freedom measured in individuals and peoples? According to the resistance which must be overcome, according to the exertion required, to remain on top. The highest type of free men should be sought where the highest resistance is constantly overcome: five steps from tyranny, close to the threshold of the danger of servitude. – Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols

88: Chuck Palahniuk – Ruled by Mediocrity

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The idea is to take some Joe on the street who’s never been in a fight and recruit him. Let him experience winning for the first time in his life. Get him to explode. Give him permission to beat the crap out of you. You can take it. If you win, you screwed up.

Nietzsche’s nightmare – the rise of the untermensch, a world ruled by mediocrity: https://angrytunbridgewells.com/2015/04/01/nietzsches-nightmare-the-rise-of-the-untermensch-a-world-ruled-by-mediocrity/

054: Midweek Debrief – Fight For Every Atom of The Truth

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“Man has had to fight for every atom of the truth, and has had to pay for it almost everything that the heart, that human love, that human trust cling to. Greatness of soul is needed for this business: the service of truth is the hardest of all services.”  –  Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist

053: Midweek Debrief – The Beast Within

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“To call the taming of an animal its “improvement” is in our ears almost a joke. Whoever knows what goes on in menageries is doubtful whether the beasts in them are “improved”. They are weakened, they are made less harmful, they become sickly beasts through the depressive emotion of fear, through pain, through injuries, through hunger. – It is no different with the tamed human being…” – Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols

051: Midweek Debrief – The Last Man Standing

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The earth has become small, and on it hops the last man, who makes everything small.

The Last Man is an individual or a collective that partakes in a path of decay and feels perfectly comfortable in doing so, to the point where any opposition to this feeling on the part of another person makes that individual fit for “the madhouse.”

050: Midweek Debrief – More A Battlefield Than A Man

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Self improvement is self destruction…

“Let the youthful soul look back on life with the question: what have you truly loved up to now, what has elevated your soul, what has mastered it and at the same time delighted it? Place these venerated objects before you in a row, and perhaps they will yield for you, through their nature and their sequence, a law, the fundamental law of your true self…for your true nature lies, not hidden deep within you, but immeasurably high above you, or at least above that which you normally take to be yourself.” – Untimely Meditations, Friedrich Nietzsche

78: Takemi Sasamori – Warriors Born Too Late

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Is Christianity compatible with the martial arts and the ancient samurai code of Bushido? The Reverend Sasamori Takemi, Methodist minister and pastor of the Komaba Eden Church in Tokyo, Japan and inheritor of three ancient martial arts traditions, unequivocally answers: “Yes!” In Bushido and Christianity, the Rev. Sasamori weaves together elements Japanese history, lessons from the Bible, and his own personal experiences growing up in a samurai family to trace where Bushido, the martial arts, and Christianity intersect and shows how following these ‘Ways’ can lead to a more fulfilling life. The Rev. Sasmori has over forty years experience as a pastor and over seventy years of training in traditional Japanese martial arts. He is regularly featured in the media in Japan and is a sought-after lecturer on the connection between Bushido and Christianity worldwide. His life’s mission has been to bridge the cultural divide between East and West.

048: Midweek Debrief – Know Your Enemy

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“…how ready they themselves are at bottom to make one pay; how they crave to be hangmen. There is among them an abundance of the vengeful disguised as judges, who constantly bear the word “justice” in their mouths like poisonous spittle, always with pursed lips, always ready to spit upon all who are not discontented but go their own way in good spirits…The will of the weak to represent some form of superiority, their instinct for devious paths to tyranny over the healthy – where can it not be discovered, this will to power of the weakest!”

Friedrich Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morality

76: Kevin Ross – Just Have Faith

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It’s always hard to understand things while we are in the middle of them. It’s only when we look back that these things become clear, if ever. Just hold onto God, know that whatever you are going through He can help you through it. He can use it for your benefit as well as others, just have faith.

Kevin Ross’ website: https://thesoulassassin.com

75: Jordan Peterson – Carry That Weight

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“You don’t want to be in a place where there’s no challenge. You might even quit your job if there’s no challenge. Say, ‘Well, that’s a good job. It gives you security,’ and you think, ‘God, I can’t stand this. It’s eating away at my soul. It’s all security and no challenge.’ So why do you want a challenge? Because that’s what you’re built for. You’re built to take on a maximal load, right? Because that’s what strengthens you, and you need to be strong because life is extraordinarily difficult

“(Why is that?) Because the evil king is always whittling away at the structure of the state. And you have to be awake and sharp to stop that from happening so that you don’t become corrupt. And so that your family doesn’t become corrupt. And so that your state doesn’t have to become corrupt. You have to have your eyes open, and your wits sharp, and your words at the ready. And you have to be educated. And you have to know about your history. And you have to know how to think. And you have to know how to read. And you have to know how to speak. And you have to know how to aim. And you have to be willing to hoist the troubles of the world up on your shoulders. And what’s so interesting about that, so remarkable. And this is something that’s really manifested itself to me as I’ve been doing these public lectures. I’ve been talking about responsibility to people, which doesn’t seem to happen very often anymore, and the audiences are dead quiet. And I lay out this idea that life is tragedy tainted by malevolence, and everyone says, ‘Yeah, well we already always suspected that, but no one has ever said it quite so bluntly, and it’s quite a relief to hear that I’m not the only person who has those suspicions.’ 

“Then the second part of that is the better part, and it’s the optimistic part, which is despite the fact that life is a tragedy tainted by malevolence, at every level of existence there’s something about the human spirit that can thrive under precisely those conditions if we allow that to occur, because as difficult as life is – and as horrible as we are – our capacity to deal with that catastrophe and to transcend that malevolent spirit is more powerful than that reality itself. And that’s the fundamental issue. I think that’s the fundamental issue of the Judeo-Christian ethic, with its emphasis on the divinity of the individual. 

“As catastrophic as life is – and as malevolent as people can be, and that’s malevolent beyond belief – fundamentally, a person has, in spirit, the nobility to set that right and to defeat evil. And that more than that the antidote to the catastrophe of life, and the suffering of life, and the tragedy of life that can drive you down and destroy you, is to take on exactly that responsibility, and to say, ‘Well, there’s plenty of work to be done, and isn’t that terrible? 

“There isn’t anything so bad that we can’t make it worse, but I have it within me to decide that I’m going to stand up against that. I’m going to strive to make the world a better place. I’m going to strive to constrain the malevolence that’s in my own heart, and to set my family straight, and to work despite my tragic lot for the betterment of everything that’s in front of me.’ And the consequence of that – the immediate consequence of that – is that when you make the decision to take on all of that voluntarily – which is to stand up straight, by the way, with your shoulders back – to take all that on voluntarily, as soon as you make that decision, then all the catastrophe justifies itself in the nobility of your striving. And that’s what it means to be an individual.” – Jordan Peterson

72: The Fifth Jiu-Jitsu Debrief

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John Danaher on body type and Brazilian jiu-jitsu:

Very often people will ask me about the effects of body type on jiu jitsu. It appears that many people hold the belief that there is an optimum body type in jiu jitsu that confers advantage over other body types. Even a moments reflection will reveal that this is false. A look at the medal platform at the world championships will always show a wide variety of body types which are represented in no particular order of success. If I ask you to name for me the five most successful jiu jitsu champions of all time, I guarantee your list will show big disparities in body type. There is no dominant body type on the medal stands. There is however, a dominant body ETHOS. Champions always maximize the ability of whatever body they have been born with to perform the skills of the sport. Whilst there is no one body type that dominates the sport, there is a need on everyone’s part to maximize what you can do with your body that will improve your jiu jitsu performance. Everyone’s body has an optimal weight and conditioning that maximizes its performance for a given activity. It is your duty to find what that is for you and to maintain yourself close to that ideal (getting closer if competition is near). Thus any body type can win a world championship, but only one way of maintaining that body of yours will maximize your ability to perform the skills you hope to win that championship with. Here are three EBI champions. All three are very different somatotypes – Garry Tonon is a classic mesomorph. Gordon Ryan an ectomorph and Eddie Cummings an endomorph masquerading as a mesomorph. Yet all three have found a way to maximize their very different bodies to perform the skills they needed to win. Thus any body type can win a world championship, but only one way of maintaining it will maximize your chances of doing so.

71: Yamamoto Tsunetomo – Book of The Samurai, part 11

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The foundation of a Nabeshima samurai should be in knowing this fact; in being deeply resolved to return this blessing by being useful; in serving more and more selflessly when treated kindly by the master ; in knowing that being made a ronin or being ordered to commit seppuku are also forms of service ; and in aiming to be mindful of the clan forever, whether one is banished deep in the mountains or buried under the earth. – Yamamoto Tsunetomo, Hagakure: Book of the Samurai

042: Midweek Debrief – Preaching Impotence

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“Politics becomes even more of a magnet for self-aggrandizing sociopaths and liars than it already tends to be by nature, and men with no meaningful political power or authority waste their time and energy trying to convince complete strangers to convert to their way of thinking, even when those strangers have different group identities, different religious beliefs, and completely incompatible or opposing ideas about what is good or “best in life.” 
― Jack Donovan, Becoming a Barbarian

70: Yamamoto Tsunetomo – Book of The Samurai, part 10

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Meditation on inevitable death should be performed daily. Every day when one’s body and mind are at peace, one should meditate upon being ripped apart by arrows, rifles, spears and swords, being carried away by surging waves, being thrown into the midst of a great fire, being struck by lightning, being shaken to death by a great earthquake, falling from thousand-foot cliffs, dying of disease or committing seppuku at the death of one’s master. And every day without fail one should consider himself as dead.

041: Midweek Debrief – The Empire of Nothing

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The Empire sells superficial identities that are fleeting, synthetic, empty and unsatisfying. In a world of single, spoiled boys who have been able to walk away from any commitment or association — lifetime brotherhood is a radical idea. Collective honor is a radical idea. Working to help people you know and care about instead of strangers is a radical idea.